Oktober (Dance) Fest

Ladies! Sisters! Dancing queens!

Before we get to the practical details of October dancing, we have some exciting news to share! Your DDPP Den Mothers are proud to introduce our newest DDPP team member: DJ McWiggles, a.k.a. Amy! She’s been an incredible supporter of Dance Dance Party Party since the first time she set foot in the studio and we’re so thrilled to have her join the team!

As for October, there is dancing to be done! No weeknights this month, unfortunately, but we do have three weekend parties up our sleeves! Stay tuned for our annual Halloween-themed party. Dress up, if you feel so inclined, and you might just win a spooktacular prize! Pop these beauties in your calendar:

Sunday, October 22nd 3-4pm
Saturday, October 28th, 3-4pm
Sunday, October 29th, 3-4pm (our annual Halloween party!)
(If you’d like to come a little early to change and stretch, you can arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes before we start.)

The Citadel
304 Parliament St. (west side, just south of Dundas)

Because we can-can-can!

How much?
$8 per session (cash or credit card)

What should I wear on my body?
At DDPP really anything goes, so wear whatever you’re comfortable in for an hour of full-blast dancing. Be warned: you might get warm fast…

What should I wear on my feet?

Indoor shoes (that won’t mark the floors!), socks, or bare feet are fine!

What should I bring?
– a big bottle of water (You’re going to need it, we promise, and you can refill it there.)
– a towel if you think you might need one
– some junk in your trunk, so you can shake it
– a friend, because dancing is always better together

Please email us at ddpptoronto@gmail.com if you have any questions, song requests, or are interested in putting together a future playlist. It’s a total blast, you get to pick a wicked DJ name, and people tell you afterward how great your taste in music is. PLUS the DJ always dances for free!

We can’t wait to see you soon!
xoxo, Amy, Suzie & Hanna







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