Dance Dance Party Party returns on January 24 with a special FREE dance party!

every-time-i-dance-i-turn-into-a-better-version-of-meHappy 2015, dancing friends! Did you miss us? Because we sure missed YOU!

Your den mamas, DJ Hanna Bananahammock & DJ Suzie G, have been hard at work finding an AWESOME new dancing location, and we’re finally ready to announce where and when we’ll be grooving with you!

***To celebrate our return, your den mamas will be cooking up a new ALL MASHUP playlist for our first dance party, and just because we love you all, this dance party will be completely FREE OF CHARGE! We wanted to do something a little special to thank those of you who have stuck with us while we’ve gone through a bit of a transition period, and we’d love to get some new friends dancing with us, too, so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!***

Here’s all the juicy details:

SATURDAY, January 24th, 3-4 pm (Come a little early to change and stretch, if you’d like to.)

The Citadel (Studio A)
304 Parliament St. (west side of the street, just south of Dundas)

Because we can-can-can!

How much?
NADA!!! (Usually it’s $8 to help us pay for the studio and the wicked jams, but this month it’s on us!)

What should I wear on my body?
At DDPP really anything goes, so wear whatever you’re comfortable in for an hour of full-blast dancing.

What should I wear on my feet?
Indoor shoes (that won’t mark the floors!), socks or bare feet are fine!

What should I bring?
– a big bottle of water (You’re going to need it, we promise, and you can refill it there.)
– a towel if you think you might need one
– some junk in your trunk, so you can shake it
– a friend, because dancing alone is always better together

You can email us at if you have any questions, song requests, or are interested in putting together a future playlist. It’s a total blast, you get to pick a wicked DJ name, and people tell you afterwards how great your taste in music is. PLUS the DJ always dances for free!

Stay tuned for dates in February and March! We’re hoping to do 3-4 dates per month, a mix of Saturdays & Sundays (both from 3-4pm) and Tuesday evenings (7-8pm)!

xo, Hanna & Suzie


One thought on “Dance Dance Party Party returns on January 24 with a special FREE dance party!

  1. Hello ladies, Happy 2015! As much as I am dying to attend DDPP, I will be out of town. Boo hoo!! Will miss it so much, and the gang as well. Looking forward to many many more to come! Have FUN FUN FUN! Marcy

    Sent from my iPhone (and typing is a challenge…)!


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