DJ Hanna Bananahammock’s March 31 playlist

If my aching muscles are any indication, today’s dance party was a total blast! We booty popped and bunny hopped like there was no tomorrow and brought the energy level to an all time high this afternoon with a hardcore crew of wicked dancers. You’re all superstars! Merci beaucoup to everyone who came out to play.

If you missed us this week, we’d love to see you again on Saturday, April 6th, & Sunday, April 21st. A full event listing is on its way. Until then, here’s what got us all fired up on Easter Sunday:

March 31 playlist

* Thanks to Sharon and Kanchan for putting through requests this week. We all know a dance party isn’t truly a dance party until Bob Marley, Depeche Mode, and Sir Mix-A-Lot come to town… If you have requests for the next party, just give us a shout at

* I caught some serious stinkface for including the Macarena, despite our “no judgement” rule. Ha! I have no regrets. Sincerely, Hanna


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