Because we love you… and we love to share!

Dear lovely and delicious DDPP family,

We didn’t invent the concept, so there’s no need for us to be humble about it: Dance Dance Party Party is sheer genius.

What started out as a simple idea, has turned out to be an empowering, inspiring, bonding, decompressing and energizing experience. It’s so much more than “no boys, no booze, no judgement” – it’s a form of sisterhood that encourages all of us to be exactly who we are in our purest essence, be that quiet or loud, big or small, crazy or mellow, elaborate dance diva or side step Sally. It’s liberating to walk into a room where you’ll find kindred spirits, all seeking a moment of escape from the chaos and pressures of life, all building our confidence and recharging our energy together.

A concept this simple and brilliant is tailor made to be shared. We’d like to call all you fabulous ladies to arms (and legs, I suppose) in spreading the pure fun of DDPP. It’s waaaaaaay too good to keep to ourselves. Bring your lady friends, your moms, your sisters and daughters, invite a neighbour, share the idea with a co-worker who needs some cheering up, bring someone who’s feeling insecure or lonely, drag along someone who just wants to dance dance dance… We’re on facebook and twitter, we blog right here, we have monthly mailing list updates and we’d love to see more and more and more ladies having the time of their lives in our magical little basement.

See you very very soon!

Hanna & Suzie


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