A fond farewell to one DDPP den mother, and an excited hello to another!

Dance partiers, it feels very weird to be writing a post that makes me both sad and happy all at the same time! But I do have both some very sad news and some very exciting news to relay to you all today…

First, with the sad: The fabulous Crissy, one of the original co-founders of DDPP Toronto, is moving into DDPP den mother retirement. It’s through Crissy that I first found out about and fell in love with DDPP, and I’ve absolutely loved running it with her and will dearly miss sharing the helm with her! And because she’ll miss us all, too, here’s her own farewell message:

thanks to everyone who has DDPP’d with me over the past four years (four years!!) — the very first one was on the day of a huge snowstorm, and coincidentally International Women’s Day, but ladies showed up, we danced, and we were so elated at the end of the hour and a half. DDPP is the best, hands down, and I am happy to be passing the Toronto chapter torch — crown? dance cape? — to two talented, clever, warm dance-partiers in Suzie and Hanna! See you soon on the dance floor, and maybe one day I’ll resurrect DJ Criss-a-Tron and spin some tunes. In the words of the immortal Spice Girls, Never give up on the good times — and thank you for so many! xoxo C

And on a happier note, I’m thrilled to welcome Hanna, a.k.a. DJ Hanna Bananahammock, as my newest co-den mother! Hanna’s been a super enthusiastic dance partier ever since the first time she attended, and I’m so excited to run awesome dance parties with her. Here’s Hanna’s intro message to you all:

I can not possibly overstate how excited I am to become part of the DDPP squad. The concept is genius and once you show up, you’re hooked forever. It’s like crack for the feet and the soul. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’d known about DDPP for a few years, but had never lived in a city that had a local chapter, until I moved to Toronto in 2011. I can’t explain the delay, but it took me exactly 6 months to make it to my first session, and I had planned to bring a pile of friends along for the ride… Each and every one of them bailed out on me, but I embraced my fears, put on my dancing shoes, and vowed to report back.

This is what I wrote on the subway ride home from My Very First DDPP:

Many thoughts:
1. That was brilliant.
2. I’m super sweaty – it should be a naked session. Only that would be kind of weird. So dress for summer, not winter.
3. I’m starving, but since I’m so gross, I figure we should go out for lunch instead of dinner on DDPP days.
4. It’s very all ages, so if you have a cool mom, aunt, or neighbour, bring her along.
5. The playlist ranges from Britney to Dolly P to The Wombats to Lykke Li – fun for all!
6. It’s weird for about 5 songs, but maybe that’s because it was just me with a heap of strangers.
7. There are some (intentionally) horrible dancers there, so there’s no way anybody can feel uncool. *
8. Did I say it was brilliant?
9. They’re starting sessions twice a month, so double the fun!
10. You’re all coming along next time. ALL!
11. I kind of want to do a running man on the subway. And then twirl home.
12. Peace out, fellow Dancing Queens!

Signed, your new Dance Commander (I can do that, right?),


* Update: I didn’t mean to diss anyone’s dancing skills by writing that, I was just addressing my friends and mom who said “I can’t go there. I’m a terrible dancer!” That, of course, is not the point. There is no good or bad dancing, just letting go, going deep, and honouring the gods of dance. No judgement!

I hope you’ll all join me in saying a fond farewell to Crissy (who better come and dance with us soon!) and an excited hello to Hanna!

P.S. We’re dancing again…soon! Remember: Our next dance party is on May 27th. Full announcement coming in the next day or two!


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