Come dance with us this Sunday, October 23!

350 Whaingaroa Flashmob Dance

Photo by on Flickr

Just a reminder that our next dance party is coming up this Sunday, October 23! We can’t wait to see some new and familiar faces! Here’s all the usual deets:

3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
*studio’s open at 3:30 and we’ll start dancing at quarter to, giving you a bit of time to change & stretch*

Mad for Dance
263 Adelaide Street West
Go downstairs and turn right
Cost = $8

– wear whatever your heart desires but something that’s good for dancing in for 75 minutes…
– there is water available there, but if I were you, I’d bring a big bottle for myself
– bring a gal pal cuz the more = the merrier

Ask us questions if you got some! Song requests welcome. Rumour has it we might be having a new guest DJ this week, but if you have any requests, email us at ddpptoronto [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll pass them along to her. And if you’d like to guest DJ for another month, let us know that, too!

P.S. Have you ladies heard of the awesome Girl Walk // All Day project? It’s a feature-length dance music video following three dancers in New York City, set to Girl Talk’s fantastic dance mash-up album All Day. They’ve just released a new movie trailer that is kick-ass awesome and makes me want to run through the streets of TO dancing. The full movie will be released in chapters on their website starting in November, or you can request a screening of it in Toronto! Check out the trailer below:


2 thoughts on “Come dance with us this Sunday, October 23!

  1. Thumbs up to you, DDPP. We’d love to find ourselves up in your territories sharing our film on a wall somewhere. Let’s make it happen!

    Girl Walk // All Day

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