Introducing your newest DDPP Toronto Den Mother…and our new Twitter account!

Hey there lovely dancing ladies! This here is a short post introducing myself as DDPP Toronto’s newest Den Mother, DJ Suzie G! (My DJ name is still a work-in-progress: rockin’ name suggestions are more than welcome.) Crissy and Oonagh have wonderfully invited me to join their ranks as one of the co-organizers of Toronto’s awesomest dance party group, and I’m super ridiculously pumped to be on board! I’ve been a regular attendee at DDPP for two years now (!), and I love being able to take the dance moves I perfect in my living room and bust ’em out in a room full of kick-ass women.

In other exciting news…we’re now on Twitter! I’m sure you all already know about our Facebook group, but now you can also chat with us in 140 characters or less. If you’re as Twitter-obsessed as we are, go follow us @DDPPToronto to chat about all things fun and dance-y. We’re going to be running an awesome daily feature called #miniDDPP where we’ll link you to a kick-ass dance break song to add some groove to your day, so stay tuned for that and be sure to tweet us your #miniDDPP suggestions, too!

Alright, well that “short” post got fairly long pretty fast, didn’t it? As a reward for reading all the way to the end, here’s a miniDDPP (featuring my all-time fave dancing song) to help kick off your weekend:

P.S. I’ve never seen that music video until just now…that was…uh…interesting. Oh, how I love the ’80s!


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