DJ Diamond’s Playlist

**So because I sometimes am a big #fail, this playlist wasn’t what you DDPPers heard yesterday — will post actual playlist soon. thanks!**

Tomorrow it’s DDPP time! And we have a new guest DJ among us — DJ Diamond. Check out her playlist & a special note from her to you!

This month, I want us to be aware that by dance, we’re tapping into our right brains, our creative hemispheres. I have built a happy, high-energy soul-based playlist that has snips of stories to tell you and a pretty good groove to get into. If you’re like me, you might find the music emotional. Because we’re all women and because we’re tapping into our creative and emotional selves, I say if any emotions come up, let them go and enjoy them!

The final song is meant to be a slow down, become aware of your body and catch your breath number, instead of a lie on the floor and stretch song, but you can do what feels right to you.

I hope you enjoy the session!
~Leah / DJ Diamond


5 thoughts on “DJ Diamond’s Playlist

  1. Playlist on the 13th was great … not too retro. Was my first time at DDPP and had loads of fun. As the song goes … “Please don’t stop the music!” I’m looking forward to the next dance party.

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