hola & welcome DDPPers!

hello world! crissy here, one of your DDPP Toronto organizers. when i was all aloney on my owny in the wild world of DDPP, before help arrived in the form of the wondrous Oonagh, i held the first toronto dance party extraordinaire on March 8th, a.k.a. International Women’s Day (how unintentionally appropriate). it also happened to land on one of our lovely and massive snowstorms! thanks climate change!

anyway, we persevered and had a great turnout of 7 superstar dancers. we brought some dope moves to the floor, including some spontaneous choreography to Rick Astley, a walk off, some flashdance moves, and near heart attacks from overexertion. this is pretty much the playlist (but add in more britney and m.i.a.), dj’ed by yours truly, DJ Criss-a-Tron.
ddpp to playlist #1

if you’re new to DDPP, as I was a coupla weeks ago and still am, let me tell you that is even MORE fun than you imagine it will be. it’s pretty may-jah, super fun, and definitely a workout. Oonagh and I will be posting soon about the next one! hoping it will happen in April sometime. STAY TUNED.
also! if you’re interested in DJ’ing, totally drop us a line and then drop the beat.



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