3 July Dance Parties For You!

  We know the summer gets busy busy busy, but there’s always time to squeeze in a little dance party, right?! We’re keeping the dream alive with 3 parties in July… Come join us! When? Saturday, July 4th, 3-4 pm (upper studio) – post-Canada Day celebration with an all-Canadian playlist! Sunday, July 12th, 3-4pm (upper studio) Tuesday, … Continue reading

We have 1, 2, 3, FOUR June parties for you!

Whoa, June snuck up on us! We’ll be back in action with 4 more parties, so get ready to jiggle that jelly… When? TUESDAY, June 2nd, 7-8 pm (upper studio) SUNDAY, June 14th, 3-4pm (lower studio) TUESDAY, June 23rd, 7-8 pm (upper studio) SATURDAY, June 27th, 3-4pm (lower studio) – How about a little pre-Canada Day celebration with all-Canadian … Continue reading

Come dance with us for FREE on May 19!

Come dance with us for FREE on May 19!

YES, you read that title correctly! We’re excited to tell you that our May 19th DDPP session is TOTALLY FREE! We want to thank you all for your love and your grooves, and hopefully encourage some new dancers to join us for the first time, so on May 19th our dance party will be FREE! ALSO, … Continue reading

Dance, dance and dance again in April

Dance, dance and dance again in April

YES! We’ve played around with the schedule and have (very creatively, I might add) come up with 3 dates for April… Hope to see you ladies there! Oh, and we have an exciting practical update: you’ll no longer need to hunt for cash before a DDPP session. We got ourselves a handy little Square, so you … Continue reading

Our 3 March playlists!

Ever get those times where you just must-must-must shake off the stress of the day with a mini dance party? Any of the jams from our March playlists would surely do the trick! Scroll on through to see all of our playlists from March, and if you want to give them a re-listen, you can hear (and see!) … Continue reading

March madness: triple dance parties!

We’re totally loving our new space and all the amazing new ladies who have joined us for bonkers dance moves over the past weeks. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the direction DDPP is heading here in Toronto. Hope you’re all loving it too! Who’s ready to continue the dancing fun in March?! When? SATURDAY, March 7th, … Continue reading

Here’s the playlist from our Mashup 2.0 Party!

OMG, ladies. We could not have hoped for a better comeback last weekend! In case you were wondering what all those crazy fun mashups were, here’s the full list. Enjoy… Nelly vs. Bee Gees – Stayin’ Hot   Pharrell vs. Michael Jackson – Happy Robin   Madonna vs. Icona Pop – I Love Vogue   Daft Punk … Continue reading